2095 Red Lane Rd,
Powhatan, VA 23139  |  804-598-2455

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© 2016 Red Lane Baptist Church

Worship |  Sun 9 AM

Small Groups |  Sun 10:30 AM


Nick Riddle

Associate Pastor for Worship and Students


Small Groups

Sunday Mornings


3rd Floor Elevate Room



Bill and Stacey Malaney



Sheana Drake

Tim and Julie Gresham



Nick and Holly Riddle


Wednesday Nights


3rd Floor Elevate Room

Join us for fellowship, games, and bible study.

God has always planned for us to experience so much more than our limited minds could grasp. Over the years we've drifted further away from God's original design, and the story He tells in Scripture is lost in translation for most of us. If a life of religious duty that leads to a timeless existence with a distant Deity seems unfulfilling, that's because it was never what God intended.

This 6 Week Bible study pulls the original context of key biblical themes into our current understanding to unlock an exciting reality—one that isn't new, just forgotten. With his signature style of passion and honesty, Jefferson Bethke invites you to join him on this journey into the overlapping space between heaven and earth.


Beach Day

Leaving the church at 7:00am and will be home by 10:00pm.

You will need money for lunch and dinner or you can bring your own lunch!

Sign Up Sheet is Upstairs in the Elevate Room.

Drive-In Movie Night

Goochland Drive-IN


Movie usually starts around 8:30pm, but we need to get there plenty early.


Movie TBD.


Bring a lawn chair. Cost is $8.50 plus money for snacks.


Sign up sheet is upstairs in the Elevate Room.


October 19, 2019



At the Malaney's House. We will send out the address.

Hots Dogs, Chips, Drinks, and SMORES will be served.

Sign up sheet is upstairs in the Elevate Room.

Turkey Bowl

Flag Football Game


November 30th



High School Practice Field

Adults are welcome to play!

Pizza, Drinks, and Cookies will be served after the game!