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March 3-17, 2019
We live in a day of moral, ethical, and spiritual confusion.  Many historic and traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs are being blurred and replaced with a version of thinking devoid of God.  This transition, is not just happening outside the church.  Unfortunately, it is greatly influencing many within the church.  So how should Christ-followers respond?  Jude calls us to “contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.”  We will look at this call to stand from Jude in a short three week series in March, and together we will learn to Stand Up, Stand Back, and Stand Fast.  
Stand Fast
James Taylor
March 17, 2019
Stand Fast - James Taylor
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Stand Back
James Taylor
March 10, 2019
Stand Back - James Taylor
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Stand Up
James Taylor
March 3, 2019
Stand Up - James Taylor
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